Making Air Fresheners with Essential Oils

Making your own home-made room sprays and air-fresheners to use around the home and office is a great way to enjoy and experiment with essential oils. These work great for getting rid of pet odors, kitchen odors, and other lingering smells. They’re especially nice to use when wanting to freshen up bathrooms or living areas of your home. Nothing beats the natural scents and fragrances of room sprays made with essential oils!

For each air freshener spray:

4 oz glass spray bottle
1 1/2 oz distilled water
1 1/2 oz vodka (85 proof or higher) or Everclear

Add 20 to 30 drops of a single essential oil such as lavender (relaxing), jasmine or rose otto (romantic), or try a combination of oils such as one of the ones listed below. Shake well before each use. Be sure to click on the oil names to visit their individual profiles. Also visit the Safety and Usage area.

Combination blend 1
14 drops bergamot
20 drops lime
2 drops rose otto
4 drops ylang ylang

Combination blend 2
20 drops lavender
10 drops peppermint

Combination blend 3
15 drops bergamot
15 drops spearmint

Combination blend 4
6 drops rose otto
18 drops sandalwood
6 drops sweet orange

Combination blend 5
12 drops lavender
6 drops neroli
12 drops roman chamomile

Combination blend 6
3 drops bergamot
18 drops lavender
3 drops lemongrass

Combination blend 7
1/2 oz vanilla extract
5 to 10 drops essential oil (choose one: cinnamon, lavender, rose otto, sweet orange)

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