Cool and Refreshing Mint Ice Cubes

Making minted ice cubes is easy. First, fill ice cube tray one half of the way full with water, place in freezer, and allow water to freeze. Remove tray from freezer and place a clean fresh mint leaf on top of each cube. Fill tray the rest of the way up with water and place back in freezer. When frozen, remove ice cubes and use in water, iced tea, cocktails, or other cold drinks. A great summer time treat!

Get the kids involved and let them help with this one! Fun idea for your next barbecue, picnic, or outside get-together.

There are many varieties of mints, each having their own unique flavors and scents, such as the Spearmints (Mentha spicata, M. crispa, M. viridis), Peppermint (M. piperita officinalis), and eau-de-Cologne (M. piperita citrata) mint.

The ice cube trick is also a great way to preserve fresh mint leaves or fresh chopped mint for later use in recipes as the mint will retain its green color.

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