Scenting Stationery with Essential Oils

Scented writing paper makes for a wonderful present for weddings, engagements, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and just as a special “thinking of you” gift.

If the stationery is unboxed, find a pretty box with a cover. Place the paper in the box.

Next, you’ll need to make a sachet. The sachet can be made out of scrap fabric such as gingham, muslin, brocade, silk, old handkerchiefs, cheesecloth, or basically any material that has a loose enough weave to allow the fragrance to escape. Three sides of it will need to be sewn up, with the top remaining open for filling. Once filled, you can use a ribbon to tie off the top. For a quick and easy solution, look at your health stores for cotton muslin “culinary bags” (usually located by the loose teas and herbs). Stores that sell herbs, or gift stores, may also have some premade sachet bags you can buy if you wish.

To your sachet bag, add a dried flower/herb such as dried rose petals, dried lavender flowers, or dried peppermint and add 2 tsp cut orris root (as a fixative). Choose a corresponding essential oil, ie rose oil for rose petals, lavender oil for lavender flowers, peppermint oil for peppermint, etc. Add five drops of the oil to the contents of the sachet.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to use a sachet, just add five drops of essential oil to a cotton ball. Some oils to choose from would be:

rose otto

Put the sachet or cotton ball inside the box of stationery and place the cover on the box.

Allow the paper to sit for a couple of weeks in order to really soak up the scent. If giving as a gift, you will probably want to remove the cotton ball. If you used a sachet, leave it in as part of the gift and it will continue to perfume the paper. It can also be refreshed by the recipient (you may want to include a small vial of essential oil with instructions, including Safety and Usage information and information on storing the essential oil).

Decorating the top of the box with a dried herbal or floral sprig is a nice touch as well.

You can also use this idea to fragrance your own stationery, especially for special items such as wedding invitations, notes and notecards, greeting cards, and the like.

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