Facial Steam Blends with Essential Oils

Facial steam baths can open up the pores and help rid the skin of impurities and toxins. Not to mention, they’re relaxing and enjoyable especially at the end of a hard week.

To prepare for your aromatic steam facial, first you’ll need to boil a kettle or pot of water. To a ceramic or glass bowl, you’ll want to add a couple of cups of the hot water. Then, to that water, you will add the essential oils that best suit your skin type (see below for suggestions).

When you have finished adding the oils to the bowl, place a towel over your head and allow it to drape on the sides. Leaning forward, bring your face within about a foot of the bowl (or further away if it’s uncomfortable for you) and allow the towel to form a sort of tent around the bowl. Hold your face in that position, keeping your eyes closed while enjoying the vapors. After a couple of minutes or sooner if you need to, sit up and remove the towel and allow your face to cool. Repeat a few times, as desired, then rinse your face with cool water to close the pores. Follow with floral water sprayed lightly on the skin and allow to air dry.

In a pinch, if you’re on vacation or in a hurry, you can improvise by using the bathroom sink instead. Just fill it with hot water from the tap and add the oils as directed.

The following combinations are for one drop of each oil, or you can choose two oils from the combination and use two drops each, or any one oil in the combination and use up to four drops.

Facial Steam Blend for Normal Skin


Facial Steam Blend for Dry Skin

roman chamomile
rose otto

Facial Steam Blend for Oily Skin

clary sage

Facial Steam Blend for Sensitive Skin

german chamomile
rose maroc

Note: If you have severe acne, facial steam baths are not recommended as they may aggravate the skin. Steam treatments should also be avoided if you have a complexion that is prone to thread veins. Anyone with asthma or allergies, or with any medical concerns, should speak to their doctor before using essential oils and facial steams. Be sure to also click on the oil names to be taken to their individual profile, and see the Safety and Usage section.

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