Rose Maroc

Rose Maroc Essential Oil

rose marocLatin name Rosa centifolia – Family species Rosaceae

Rose Maroc is also referred to as Light Pink Cabbage Rose, Provence Rose, French Rose, and Hundred-Leaved Rose (centifolia for “hundred leaves / petals”. Rose Maroc oil is also sometimes referred to as Moroccan Otto of Rose and French Otto of Rose. Its uses are reportedly much the same as Damask Rose / Rose Otto with a scent that is spicier.

Although expensive, many find rose oil to be very useful and pleasing.

Oil Selection Guide

Color – Pale yellow (oil) / Deep red orange (absolute)
Viscosity – Medium
Scent – Soft, deep, sweet, rosy
Perfume Aroma – Middle to top note

Oil Source Information

Plant Type – Bush
Part Used – Flowers
Countries of Origin – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Egypt, Italy, China
Extraction Method – Enfleurage, solvent extraction

Known Chemical Constituents

Phenyl ethanol, citronellol, geraniol, nerol, stearopten, farnesol

Uses of Rose Maroc

Used in aromatherapy applications as well as in perfumery and cosmetics.

Rose Maroc blends well with

  • bay
  • benzoin
  • bergamot
  • cardamom
  • cassie
  • clary sage
  • clove bud
  • coriander
  • frankincense
  • geranium
  • ginger
  • guaiacwood
  • jasmine
  • lavender
  • lemon
  • mandarin
  • mimosa
  • neroli
  • palmarosa
  • patchouli
  • sandalwood
  • ylang ylang

Special Precautions*

* See Safety and Usage.

References and Resources

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