Liquid Dishwashing Soap with Essential Oils

Making your own scented dish soap by adding essential oils to it can be fun. To start, you’ll need the soap. You can use castile soap or one of the unscented liquid dish soaps that are available in many health food stores. Some common brands of unscented soap include Ecover Natural Dishwashing Liquid, Nature Clean Dishwashing Liquid, or Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Dishwashing Liquid.

Depending on your preference, you can leave the soap in the container it comes in or use a decorative glass bottle. You can find many pretty colored glass bottles in health food stores which have the pour spouts that are often used for vinegar and oil. These work well and look really pretty on your counter top.

Assuming that your container is between 22 oz and 25 oz, using 18 to 30 drops of essential oil will add a nice fragrance. Here are some possible combinations and blends of essential oils to get you started:

Blend Idea 1

5 drops bergamot
6 drops lavender
14 drops lemon

Blend Idea 2

4 drops eucalyptus globulus
6 drops jasmine
15 drops sweet orange

Blend Idea 3

4 drops eucalyptus globulus
10 drops lavender
8 drops rosemary

Blend Idea 4

6 drops bergamot
4 drops lavender
10 drops lemon
2 drops grapefruit

Blend Idea 5

6 drops lavender
6 drops lemon
6 drops sweet orange

Blend Idea 6

6 drops lime
6 drops rosemary
6 drops sweet orange

Blend Idea 7

10 drops rose otto
10 drops frankincense

Blend Idea 8

10 drops neroli
10 drops mandarin

The citrus oils are especially nice. If you tend to favor a single essential oil fragrance, such as lavender or lemon, you can use it by itself instead of combining it with other oils. Clicking on the oil name will allow you to access safety and usage information for that oil and you should also refer to the Safety and Usage section for additional information if you are not familiar with using essential oils. If you have health concerns, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor or other medical professional before using essential oils.

Shake before each use and enjoy! Almost makes you look forward to washing the dishes!

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