Ravensara Essential Oil

Latin name Ravensara aromatica – Family species Lauraceae

Oil Selection Guide

Color – Clear (colorless)
Viscosity – Watery
Scent – Woody, herby, bit spicy, camphory
Perfume Aroma – Top note

Oil Source Information

Plant Type – Tree / Shrub
Parts Used – Leaves / Branches
Countries of Origin – Madagascar, Australia
Extraction Method – Steam distillation

Known Chemical Constituents

1,8-cineole, a-pinene, b-pinene, p-caryophyllene, terpenyle acetate, b-caryophyllene

Applications and Uses

Used somewhat in aromatherapy. Also found in pharmaceutical products.

Ravensara blends well with


Precautions / Contraindications

Not fully known at this time.
See Essential Oils Safety and Usage.

References and Resources

See Aromatherapy References and Resources page.

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