Opopanax Essential Oil

Latin name Commiphora erythraea – Family species Burseraceae

Opopanax, also referred to as C erythraea var glabrascens, Bisabol, Myrrh, Sweet Myrrh, is available as an essential oil and a resinoid. Don’t confuse it with cassie essential oil (Acacia farnesiana), however, which is also known as Opopanax. Opopanax is used as a fixative and fragrance for high class perfumery. Aromatherapy uses have been suggested to be similar to myrrh oil (to which it is related). Opopanax is often adulterated.

Oil Selection Guide

Color – Yellow, orange, or olive (oil)
Viscosity – Watery (oil)
Scent – Sweet, balsamy, spicy, warm
Perfume Aroma – Base note

Oil Source Information

Plant Type – Tree
Part Used – Resin
Countries of Origin – Somalia, Ethiopia
Extraction Method – Steam or water distillation

Applications and Uses

Aromatherapy uses of opopanax have been suggested to be similar to myrrh essential oil (to which it is related).

Opopanax blends well with

Precautions / Contraindications

Watch out for adulterated oils.
See also Essential Oils Safety and Usage.

References and Resources

See Aromatherapy References and Resources page.

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