Citronella Essential Oil

Latin name Cymbopogon nardus – Family species Poaceae (Gramineae)

Citronella, also known as Andropogon nardus, Sri Lanka Citronella, Lenabatu Citronella, is said to be an effective repellent against cats. Citronella also reportedly works especially well at repelling various insects such as moths, fleas, ants, mosquitoes, and flies. Citronella Grass is closely related to Lemon Grass (the source of lemongrass essential oil) and Palmarosa Grass (the source of palmarosa essential oil).

Oil Selection Guide

Color – Amber
Viscosity – Watery
Scent – Lemony, strong
Perfume Aroma – Top note

Oil Source Information

Plant Type – Grass
Part Used – Leaves
Countries of Origin – Sri Lanka, Madagascar
Extraction Method – Steam distillation

Known Chemical Constituents

Geraniol, citronellol, geranyl acetate, limonene, camphene

Applications and Uses

Citronella is used some in aromatherapy, and is also found in perfumery, soaps, detergents, and commercial insect repellents.

Citronella blends well with


Precautions / Contraindications

It is cautioned that citronella oil should not be used if pregnant.
Citronella can cause irritation to sensitive skin.
See also Essential Oils Safety and Usage.

References and Resources

See Aromatherapy References and Resources page.

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